Tom Scharre

Tarak is a Belgian musician living in Florence, performing in Italy and Swiss.
He is an ex-monk of the Path of Bhakti in where the singing of Mantras is the heart of the practice. In his music he transforms Mantras and songs of his tradition in a sound familiar to the Western ear.
Currently he holds concerts together with ‘Davide Friello’, an Italian Handpan player in a project called “The Sound Journey”.
Tarak is mainly a singer, yet plays a wide range of melodic, percussive, Etnic and Western instruments which he uses to amplify the Mantras. He organizes regular Sound Baths, Kirtan's, and also host's and performs at Yoga retreats and events.



Eventi con Tom Scharre

viaggio-sonoro.jpgConcerto: Viaggio Sonoro:
Venerdì, 21:30 / 23:00
ecstatic danceEcstatic Dance:
Domenica, 14:15 / 16:00

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